UPVC Stable Doors from Safestyle

Safestyle’s amazing range of UPVC stable doors brings a combination of great looks and security yet to be seen in the industry. With the ability to open just the top of the door security is a huge feature – with a door like this you can be sure your young children and animals are safe. Stable doors offer the benefits of a window in the form of a door.

Safestyle’s portfolio of fully steel reinforced UPVC stable doors has a proven multi-point locking system – one of the most secure security systems available for UPVC doors. Steel bolts shift up into strong steel holders that are fixed into the reinforcement of the door frame meaning extra security. These UPVC stable doors have an an anti-jemmy feature which ensures maximum resistance to break-ins. These features combined with extra adjustable roller cams ensure both a secure and weather tight seal.

The position and type of handle ensures the bottom of the stable door can be kept closed and secure whilst the top sash of the door can be opened / closed independently. The top uses a deadlock with a security cylinder and key. There is also the option of an autolatch feature. This will however need the key for access from outside.

As well as the independent locking / unlocking, both the top and bottom of the stable door are locked together via a concealed snapper catch function which allows the door to be opened as a regular single leaf.

The security of upvc stable doors can be improved more with the addition of a Safe “T” Catch. This is a hidden mechanism offers an ideal alternative to the typical frame and door mounted safety chain.

With many tests done, the strength of the 4 adjustable hinges resists stong attacks time and time again. Every 1 of the 4 hinges has four steel pins that enter the reinforced steel of the door and frame. The hinges can also be adjusted in multiple ways to make sure the door lasts a long time whilst staying safe strong and low maintenance.

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